What is Image Masking?

Image masking service is one of the best valuable and unique services in the graphic design sector. It helps to remove the background from an image which has hair or fur. When anybody wants to remove the background from his complex image that contains huge outside hair or any type of fur, then he needs to apply Photoshop masking techniques. The masking techniques are very sensitive to getting a high-quality result. If you are an e-commerce businessman or a professional photographer and you have many models or hair fur images please contact us at retouching cloud.com .we have the most experience inhouse graphic designers who are experts in image masking techniques. we provide different kinds of photoshop masking. Sus as Layer masking, Alpha channel masking, Transparency Masking, hair fur masking, etc.

Layer Masking

Layer masking service is a high-quality manual service of photoshop at this service we Mask the subject to a layer using a soft & refined edge to remove background or isolate objects. Usually, Layer masking is used to hide or reveal portions of the image or to change the opacity of the specific parts of the image. When anyone changes the opacity of the layers from the palates of opacity that you found in the top of the layer palette in the photoshop, whole picture opacity will be altered.

Alpha Channel Masking

Subtracting background we mask the main image to an alpha channel which gives you to edit the file anytime. This method is usually used to edit brightness, contrast, exposure, etc.Also, it allows changing any background color and other color corrections.

Transparency Masking

 Transparency masking service is an excellent technique of Photoshop in this service we isolate subjects from background. Applying this masking technique, you can use any kind of background on your images. This technique is different from others

Translucent Masking

Another masking technique is translucent masking, which is a quite bit expensive test. Customized background change, background colors from translucent items can be removed through this process. CPC has the expert graphics editors who can edit the translucent object image and mask the unsolicited background. This technique applied to those objects which have 5 to 100 percent opacity and light passes through the items and pictures are ambiguous to identify. Sunglasses, garments like Muslin, bridal covering, ice-covered glass, and paper, are included in this category for receiving these kinds of Photoshop service.

Work Sample

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